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Dear Friends:

Oops! We had two April newsletters, so we experienced a blip in May. But, God has been good to New Life Prison Ministries and we keep pressing on. We truly thank God for the rain in May to help the flowers and grass keep growing. We are looking forward to May 26th, 27th, and 28th for the “Rock of Ages” Prison Ministry being in revival at New Hanover Correctional Center. These blessed Christian brothers come to us twice a year. The residents are truly blessed during these days to hear God’s message to them from these special disciples. We also enjoy fellowshipping with these brothers. Also, Chaplain Brookshire will be going through knee surgery on May 29th. I have been having a problem with my left knee since late January. It has been giving me a fit with pain off and on. I will be so glad to get the problem finally fixed. Please keep me and the ministry in your prayers. We will be faithful, so you be faithful.

The men at Pender are sure glad about Kairos and the special weekends held there. We are so pleased to see God use this ministry in such a special way. The different Kairos teams that are formed and the men on those teams bond together in training time to let the Lord use them in a special way at Pender. The residents truly look forward to each Kairos weekend. It helps them in their Christian walk to bond with former Kairos brothers on the camp at Pender. Together and with the teams coming for prayer and share, and reunion weekends keep the power of God’s Love working on the Pender Correctional Institute camp. We will be back to do church service at Pender on July 5th. Brother Jeff Saggus, Mr. Danny Boyd and Chaplain Brookshire look forward to this Sunday service. Please keep Pender in your prayers.

New Hanover Correctional Center has been blessed by the Holy Spirit in recent weeks. The Yokefellow services and church services and the “Rock of Ages” three day revival services are really bringing the men to the Chapel for blessings. We give God all the glory for this blessing. The bible study has new members each week and we lose some to going back home to their families. We know the men going home are stronger spiritually than when they joined us and we praise God for the newness of life He empowered them to have. The armor of God will be with them as they rejoin family and community. Brother Zachery Mitcham and Buck Norton and your Chaplain have been blessed in this new study of listening to God’s word from CD’s. The men love it and say it is helping them grow spiritually. Our two church services in May had Brother Jeff Saggus speaking out of Ezekiel comparing how American looks now and how Israel looked in Old Testament times, with its loose morals. Brother Claudius Eason led the men in singing hymns and Mrs. Bonnie Hewett and Mr. Danny Boyd blessed the men with some beautiful songs and your Chaplains devotionals fit both sermons. Also, the Community Resource Council is growing with new members and new projects. Please keep New Hanover Correctional Center and New Life Prison Ministry in your prayers.

We have been busy at the jail and we also are welcoming a new pastor, Tim Russell who will be helping me and our team at the jail; Brother Ernie Abrahamsen, Rev. Richard Marshburn, Brother Earl Jackson, Sister Barbara Williams and her group with the ladies bible study; and Chaplain Brookshire with prayers and counseling. Pastor Tim Russell will be helping me on Fridays and some weekends. We are so glad to have Pastor Tim on the team. He has a powerful testimony and a heart to serve God any way he can. He is joining a strong team of dedicated soldiers for Christ in a battle to save as many lost children as we can. Pastor Tim, we look forward to many years of service to our Lord Jesus Christ. I will repeat what I said last month. We wish Sheriff Sid Causey a blessed retirement after 39 years of faithful service to New Hanover County. We welcome new sheriff Ed McMahon, a wonderful Christian man and his precious wife to his new office. We look forward to many years of service to Sheriff Ed McMahon and his staff as we had with Sheriff Sid Causey and his staff. Please keep our new sheriff in your prayers. We thank all our Christian friends for all the bibles, books and Christian magazines donated to New Life Prison Ministries and your financial support to keep us going. Pray for us.

We have been busy here at the office. We sure do thank you for your support in these tough times. We will keep pressing on with God’s work because He is in charge. We covet your prayers for my knee surgery and trust God and my doctor to fix the problem. We also thank Pastor Tim Russell for joining our team. Please keep our troops, nation, President and me in your prayers. Be Blessed.

In Jesus Name,


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